Sunday, 6 December 2015



Doctor to the Barrios
                What is your idea of being a doctor?

                Have you ever seen the worst and most unfortunate people who do not even know what a doctor is? It makes you believe that there is really purpose for being a doctor. This is what I believe until I realized they are only as good as the medicines and the medical apparatus they bring.

                Have you ever experienced being in the barrio with no hospital, no clinic, nor medical supplies? They only use alternative medicines and some old-fashioned preventive measures like boiling waiter before drinking, creating toilets for personal hygiene practices, e.t.c. These are some hard times but they survived.

                They missed their loved ones during their stay in the barrios. They got worries that they might not provide for the needs of their family. They tried to work near their home. However, a doctor's salary in this country simply cannot provide well for their family. Thus, I though of working abroad.

              Based on surveys, Filipino doctors are one of the best doctors in the world. Their experiences have prepared them in caring for the sick.

                Despite all of these, they were hesitant to go abroad. They have seen the medical needs of our countrymen and they are humbled by their experience in the barrios. However, they also have a family to provide for.

                And so I go back to my questions,"What does it mean to be a doctor?"

                I am happy to tell you that there is no wrong or right answer to this question. A doctor is a doctor as long as he is able to provide the cure and care to any person that comes to him. As long as a doctor sees that he can provide care, without any harm in the process, he remains true to his profession.

                I am letting you decide which direction to take in the field you have chosen.

Friday, 4 December 2015


We always under estimate simple things where we started and made us who we are today.

                People always think about a pair of shoes is only a part of their outfit or an accessory that will make them look fabulous or extravagant.They wore it on the lowest part of their body without knowing a pair of shoes BROUGHT THEM ON WHERE THEY ARE. Different kinds and designs of shoes symbolize inspiration to reach success.

                Same as pencil where we learned how to write but when we reach high school we threw them away and worst forgot them.  But they are coming back when we need to take College Entrance Exams to teach us to look back on our past. Passing those exams is possible with the help of a pencil. Pencil ACCEPTS OUR MISTAKES AND FLAWS and they help us erase or correct them. Not like ballpen that makes everything permanent.

                Also workers, big companies looked at them as they are employees begging for salaries to survive; they don’t see without those workers their business will not grow as fast and as big like it was. The MOST IMPORTANT PART OF PRODUCTION is those workers who even haven’t finish their studies. Without entrepreneur, workers can run their business. Without government, workers will still survive with advantage of no rules or SRP. Without land, workers can established an online shop. Without capital, workers can use free resources from our nature.

                Learn to appreciate them before it is too late and they are all gone.